Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?

by The Stereo State

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The Stereo State spent every weekend in the first 4 months of 2011 in Gabe's apartment writing and cutting demos for this record. We were super inspired by events in our own lives and thrilled to be working with Trevor Reilly. We tracked for 2 weeks with Trevor in May, and the album was mixed and mastered in the months after that.

We are extremely proud of this record and would once again like to thank Ben Murray @ Creator Destructor Records, Zack Ohren, Mike Supina, and Trevor Reilly for help in making this record exactly what it needed to be. Another HUGE thank you goes out to our best friend Jeff Lynch who spent countless hours with us tracking those demos as well as tracking more guitars for the record in post-production.

Thank you for checking us out!


released October 4, 2011

Recorded in May 2011 @ Black and Blue in New Bedford, MA

Engineered by: Trevor Reilly & Mike Supina
Produced by: Trevor Reilly

Mixed and Mastered by: Zack Ohren @ Castle Ultimate

Creator-Destructor Records
cat no. CD-019
Released on: October 4th, 2011



all rights reserved


The Stereo State Holyoke, Massachusetts

2008 - 2013

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Track Name: Ahhgust

I’m still dragging all these hoops that I tried to jump through.
It ain’t gettin’ any easier…
What kinda game of life you playing, and are you making up the rules?
Why do I sit here with this lesson taught while you’re the one who left for school?

More than just your zipcode, way beyond your friends…
…all these changes start to filter in.
What kinda game of life you playing, and are you making up the rules?
Why do I sit here with this lesson taught while you’re the one who left for school?

These roads still lead back home, you know.
I tried thinking of the last few things we talked about,
and I couldn’t remember, I couldn’t remember.

And on these same paved dead end streets I feel the loss inside breathe new life in me.
With two bars we could barely hear your voice.
Maybe this town it was just too boring. Yesterday’s news, the same old story.
It's still where we'll always be from.
Track Name: Soldiers Home
Soldiers' Home

Hello there my dear ol darling. If writing this is wrong, I'm sorry.
I think about you everyday and pray to god that you're ok.
It's crazy how much time has passed since the time that we had spoke last.
That summer morning 2002, you saved my life...I fell in love with you.

Stay young! Stay honest! Baby, you'll be fine I promise.
Follow dreams, and try to change the world.

I’ve been in true denial, I’m suicidal.
I can't live my life this way, but this time you can't save me babe.
I'm never sober - always hungover. My little soldiers so much older.
And I can't hold her, any longer…any longer.

Stay young! Stay honest! You'll find somebody else, I promise.
Together you can fucking change the world.

No lies, no gimmicks. The sky’s the limit to anywhere you go.
Track Name: As Honest As I Can Be
As Honest As I Can Be

“As honest as I can be, it’s not like you to cling to me”
she said with such sincerity that I nearly collapsed under the weight of the words.
She knew something was wrong. Her instinct didn’t take too long
to see right through the half truths and disguises I had on.

Who am I kidding? This isn’t what’s right for me.
I should have figured it out by now but I’ve been too lazy.
What am I doing here just lying on my back?
Waiting on old age and for an early heart attack.
Don’t give in now to the mundane.

And a second chance to breathe is the gift your words have given me.
Lit the spark inside that I use as the light to guide me.
Through all the darkest nights, through all these dead end streets.
I’ll find my way again…this promise I’ll always keep.

Don’t give in now to the mundane. Grab life by its head and scream in its face.
Not for a second will I be commonplace.
Track Name: Not At Fault
Not At Fault

Wait, is what you say. Wait just one more day.

Been left for dead, reran these images of where it first began.
Another time, another place. A part of my life I can’t replace.
I’m walking heavy tonight my dreams are shattered and so far out of sight.
If I sew it up, you’ll pull the stitch. There is no scratch to cure this itch.

When is that day? It used to seem not so far away, my friend.
Or is it the end…it’s coming soon.
So just wait, is what you say. Wait just one more day.

And on a humid summer night, I’d grab your hand and I’ll hold it tight.
I’ll give you one last kiss goodnight on your cheek.
I’m drinking heavy tonight my dreams are shattered and so far out of sight.
I sewed it up, you flipped the switch. It seems we never found our niche.

Not at fault, no point of blame.
Still nothing could stay the same after it all comes down.
I’ll turn my head and I’ll walk away after all there’s nothing left to say.
After it all comes down.

There are no three words you can say that will sway my mind tonight.
Track Name: Horse To Hell
Horse To Hell

So cruel to me. I tried so hard but you were so cruel to me.
You cursed my name when you had the chance to change,
and you threw it all away. And that was so cruel to me.

Well you demonstrate my lack of faith in people left today.
As you tie the ropes that will drag you to your grave.
I knew you’d say, it’s not your fault the horse pulled him away.
---Ain’t it all the same?

That my junkie friend, is an excuse.
When he rode that horse to hell it killed you too.

I tried to clear the slate, but you betrayed my trust just right away.
Now I can’t shake the pain you put in me.
I knew you’d say, you need some type of simple sympathy.
---Well not from me.

No my junkie friend, I’m not to blame.
He rode that horse to hell and you do the same.
Track Name: No Constellation
No Constellation

What's a star at night that won't burn bright?
It's no constellation. Just another rock up in the sky.
I would’ve walked through fire to be with you, then leapt into the ocean blue
…hoping that we’d meet together at the bottom.

Should’ve listened to my gut that night when you tried to show me
feelings faded fast under back porch lights.
Even though it seemed we were aligned, that disappeared after some time.
You’re saying that there’s something that I owe you.

Hear me singing now.
These words will mean so much to me. How much will they mean to you?

Hang your head low and walk on home.
Don’t turn around because you know there are only tears left in my eyes.
Even after all that we’ve been through why the hell do I have to
keep hearing that there is something that I owe you?
Track Name: Tug of War
Tug O War

I’ve thought of better things to say, but those words escape my mind today.
From admiration to resentment - what a coward you proved to be.
Father figure; well not to me.

35 years spent in the trenches. This dying union ain’t worth saving.
All those years that you spent praying didn’t save a god damn thing.
He should have just walked away.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I won’t be around these days.
Can you see the look upon my face?
Please don’t take this the wrong way, I won’t be around these days.
Open your eyes because this is killing me.
Track Name: Cherry Street
Cherry Street

On a Sunday in the rain I tried to curb these feelings, I tried to face the pain.
But holding your hand oh so tight. I couldn't keep my cool, I couldn't keep my mind.
I searched and prayed for things that I could touch but not control.
Like keeping all the good and not just the thoughts at the hospital.
Every sunny day brings back walks down Cherry Street.
Wooden Park was faded even then, back in ’93.
And it will always stay with me, those words, philosophy.
It taught me wrongs from right. It taught me how to live my life.
And I'm clinging on to each and every single word.
Let it resonate; let it rot inside my ears.

Those days stay right here in my heart. I wouldn't have it any other way.
These days, these thoughts don't stray too far.

And in the end what's there left to say?
Thank you for your sympathies but it can't make this feeling go away.
I'm building up the courage to be the man I'm meant to be.
And in due time I know you'll be smiling down on me.
We'll always have that last talk and what I heard you say:
“Take my hand, take these words. I wouldn't have it any other way”
Track Name: No Faith, No Fear
No Faith, No Fear

Let me roll with the hills. Lead my mind away from
the pain that's slowly filled and seeped right down my septum.
This guilt is killing me, it's more than I can control.
Biting on my tongue until it bleeds.
No faith, no fear left in your heart. Drop the flag and just move on.

Right about the time you swore on graves, probably years now more than days.
But I gave and you took, you just thought it was cute.
I came away with a whole new look on you.
A side I couldn't see; a child barely living who'd rather flee than face reality.
Swallow your pride and do what's right. Drop the flag and just move on.

Everyday you live a lie.
Track Name: Shitfaced

This life it ain't forever and now I'm feeling lost.
All the lines are painted on the pavement, they won't bring me home.
I was feeling optimistic about a lost commitment until I heard my phone.
And I felt the relapse, the need for green glass, the fire in my throat.
I guess I'm all alone drunk. I feel fucking numb.

I tried to walk with Jesus and ask him for help.
Well I dealt the question and held out my hand but I was talking to myself.
My frustration in this situation brings me down this road.
Where I can't allow myself to be without her, and now she's gone.
Was I wrong? I've known you since we were kids.
And this song is for all my dead fucking friends.

The air just got too cold. I just want to drink until I can’t feel anything.
No calm before the storm. No sunshine when she's gone.
I was feeling optimistic about a lost commitment, now I can’t find my way home.

This mirror holds the cruelest effigy. It's an image I loathe that can't be consoled.
It’s a bottle and heart full of ache. My mistake, I was wrong.
Shitfaced in the pouring rain, and this song just magnifies my misery.
I’m behind the wheel and I’m screaming.

Self inflicted, next statistic. I may have shot my faith, but if anyone is listening...
...I pray there's a day that I can wake and not feel ashamed.